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1427 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd

New Orleans, LA 70113



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  • What are your hours of operation?
    Hours of operation are usually contingent upon the events that we host, i.e. exhibitions that include gallery hours, as well as public/private events. Please check our website and Facebook page for this information. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling an event or would like to come by for a visit.
  • Is parking available?
    Free on-street parking is available and ample. Also, in the past, our kind neighbors just around the corner (at 1300 S. Rampart St) have allowed our patrons to use their parking lot after 8:00 PM. If needed, this can be discussed.
  • What is your venue's capacity?
    In the past, our venue accommodated up to 225 people for an event. That number decreased as (additional) seating and tables were added to our floor space. *With regard to post-pandemic, safe social-distancing, we presently allow a total capacity of approximately 150.
  • What types of events do you host?
    We are primarily an arts venue, but we also host a variety of types of events, both public and private, including receptions, socials and corporate/business events. We can also accommodate film crews, in various capacities. Unfortunately, there are certain events we do not host. Please contact us to inquire.
  • Do you have audio and video?
    Our stage is equipped with an audio system and lighting. We currently do not have a video system. However, we can direct our clients to a local, reputable company that can provide all types of video and additional lighting needs. Our venue has wi-fi.
  • Do you have tables and chairs available for particular/private events?
    We have built-in seating for 40 guests. We also have several (portable) tables available for food setup and/or displays, if necessary. When aditional tables and chairs are needed, we direct clients to a local, reputable furniture rental company that we work with.
  • Do you have a kitchen and do you offer catering?
    We do not have a kitchen, but we do offer catering. We have had many opportunities to work with several different caterers, including food trucks. And we can personally recommend and connect our clients with a catering service that we think will fit their needs.
  • Are clients allowed to bring in their own food and/or caterer for private events?
    Yes. However, only approved professional catering companies/services are allowed. Over the past several years, The Building has had many opportunities to work with many local catering companies. We provide a list of approved professional caterers for our clients to choose from.
  • Are clients allowed to bring in their own beverages for private events?
    No. For private events of 40+ guests, we offer beverage packages to our clients. The cost is based on the number of expected guests and the selection of beverages. For private events of less than 40 guests, we offer clients options which can be discussed upon contacting us.
  • Do you allow decorators or party-planners to come in for private events?
    Party planners are allowed. However, in general, we no longer allow decorating. If certain items are to be brought in, it must be discussed and approved before doing so.
  • Are children allowed?
    For public and/or private events when "adult" beverages are served, ALL guests must be 21 years of age and older. If someone wishes to schedule a visit/appointment, children are allowed but must be closely supervised.
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